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5 Amazing Ecommerce Marketing Tips

Ecommerce Marketing Tips

5 Amazing Ecommerce Marketing Tips

Doing a Google search for tips that help in your e-commerce business will yield you hundreds of results. The trouble is deciding which ones are worth putting into action. Another consideration is whether a particular tip will help in your business. In the  attempt to help you, here are five e-commerce marketing tips that can be used in any type of business you have. These methods have proven themselves over and over again.

Diversify Your Social Media Efforts

Each social media platform draws a different type of individual and a different method of interaction. Most marketers try to pick one or two platforms to concentrate on, but this can severely limit your efforts. You should make an effort to interact to some level on at least Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, plus at least one forum that caters to your ideal customer. This does not mean you need to spend hours each day on all the platforms. Some will be more productive than others for you, which will become clear as time passes. You can spend more time on the most productive platforms, but post at least once a week, or twice if you can find the time, on the others. This will enable you to reach a section of the population you may otherwise overlook.

Think International

No longer is your customer base strictly limited to one country and one language. With this in mind, you increase chances of reaching people all over the world. Unfortunately, not all people speak the same language or use the same kind of currency. You don’t need to be fluent in a dozen languages, or even know how to convert currency from one type to another in order to reach out to to customers who fall into these categories. Incorporate both a translation feature and a currency converter option into your website so people from all corners of the world can interact and feel comfortable there.

Involve People

Rather than distance yourself from your customers, try to create personal connections. Take time to answer emails and social media comments personally. Don’t rely on a standard answer for everything. Be willing to allow potential customers to see your human side. Get to know things like birthdays and send personalized greetings or discount coupons with a birthday greeting. Don’t keep all your posts on social platforms solely business. Be willing to comment on something that strikes a cord in you–whether it is a current event or something that happens at home. You don’t need to be overly personal, but let them see you are human.

Make Things Easy

Make your website easy to navigate and your ordering process as simplified as possible. Don’t make customers have to search for links to checkout. Accept as many forms of payment as you can and incorporate a wish list feature–and remind people periodically of things they have on their wish lists. Try to provide suggested add-ons that enhance a purchased product, but don’t be push about it. For example, if a customer buys a shirt, suggest a skirt or pair of pants that would look good with it. Think about how Amazon gives a suggestion of what other products customers who bought an item also purchased, or ones they also viewed.

Give More

Incorporate a free gift for certain items purchased or a discount if the entire purchase reaches a certain amount. Things like free shipping, buy one, get one half off and other discounts make people feel they are getting the most for their money and that you appreciate their business. There are many ways you can  incorporate discounts, such as a percentage off on a customer’s birthday or their first, or tenth. purchase. Give them more and they will be willing to return repeatedly.

Final Words

With a bit of personalisation and thought, you can see your sales soar!

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