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Launching a small business or a tech business needs effective planning to avoid risks. But in reality, most of the startups fail according to a research by the Harvard Business School. Recently, a concept of lean startup has emerged, that has made the commencement of business less risky. It is all about experimentation, trimming the product development cycles, and iterative design. It was first proposed by Eric Ries in 2008.It has basic three main principles –...

Instagram, the renowned mobile photo-sharing app is one of the most popular social networks today. As of December 2016, the Facebook-owned Instagram has touted to have over 600 million monthly active users. An increase from the 500 million monthly active users in June.[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/BSKZ9UHjbLl/?taken-by=instagram[/embed]Regarding general usage, according to statistics on Hootsuite, users share roughly 95 million videos and photos a day, with a total of 40 billion photos shared to date. How does that compare to daily...

Effective marketing for startups or small businesses looking to increase their brand's presence online is hard, especially on a limited budget.It’s important to market your business online, especially today when a business’ online presence determines its present and long-term success. To be able to have a distinct presence is difficult, considering that there are more than a million brands vying for the consumer’s attention, many of them competing within the same niche.Among those brands, many of...

Making your startup known is getting harder and harder these days. In the olden days, spamming links all over the internet is a surefire way to boost your ranking all the way to number one. Today, it’s going to get you banned by Google faster than you can say “Oh shoot.”Relax, we’re here to help. Follow these actionable SEO tips on your website, and it will set you off on a good start. They’re simple and...