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DRIP Review- A Powerful Email Marketing Automation Engine for Effective Lead Management

Drip review

DRIP Review- A Powerful Email Marketing Automation Engine for Effective Lead Management

Drip is an innovative software tool from the same good folks that brought you Leadpages that manages your business workflows effectively. Drip is an effective marketing automation engine that helps to manage your workflow, create leads, simplifies your reach to potential leads, and convert them into loyal customers. Drip is perfect for a business to meet the cut throat competition by simplifying the process of customer acquisition and customer retention.

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Drip’s powerful automation engine is meticulously designed to display the complete subscriber journey in a single workflow. The self-managing software impressed me as it allows to apply tags, send emails, apply If-Then logic, respond to product purchases and much more. The workflows are the quickest and most powerful to use which designs the complete journey of the prospect with just a few clicks. Automating the marketing functions of a business increases productivity and level of engagement with your customers. Customer satisfaction improves with effective implementation of marketing tools and use of automation software.

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Let me share some of the Great Attributes of Drip Workflow Tool that makes it the best in the industry –

  • Quick Reports to Improve ROI
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Pre-Built Blueprints

To improve your business, you can join Drip for free for up to 100 contacts, and you can withdraw from it anytime. It helps you to identify whether it proves to be successful for your business or not. The automation engine tracks your performance and provide solutions in the form of templates and blueprints creating a lasting impression on your ROI.

Automation at its best

The software automates almost everything. The automation is used to make the subscribers get in and out of campaigns, record the lead conversions, send emails, apply tags, or transfer them to another automation system.

Customized tagging

Customer profiles are created on the basis of their actions. The Workflow system allows tagging subscribers the way they use your page. The email tags identify the actions of the customers such as visiting the page, making a purchase, clicking the link on email or any other customized event. The function creates leads and helps convert them into a customer with effective automated marketing solutions.

Drip Identifies Leads and Enhances the Customer Base

The automation software uses effective lead scoring algorithm that identifies the most engaging customers by tracking the number of events. It calculates the scores of the prospects expected to become future customers. It improves the focus of the business on the target customers. The rating of the leads helps the business to identify the true prospects and provide effective solutions to create conversions.

The growth of the business depends upon high quality marketing activities that identify the target customers. Drip does it perfectly for you. You can sort and filter on the basis of the lead score to put more efforts to create high conversions.

Email Marketing Done Right And Targeted Accurately

The Drip automation software has the ability to identify and focus on the target leads. These leads have the highest chances of being converted as customers. The target emails can be done in three ways:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Broadcasts
  • One –Offs

The motive of the software is to find the rights subscribers who would receive your message. The message sent to the target customer should be simple to understand that influences or triggers the next activity. The agile segment builder is a much customized process that tracks the activities of the subscribers and sends messages to increase their activities. The activities enhance the engagement of the customers, thus improves your performance.

Drip Campaigns- A constant sequence of emails are termed as Drip campaigns. It is a kind of lead nurture programs to improve communication with the customers in form of email marketing.

Broadcasts- Another notification in the form of promotional deal, or notification of a new blog post. It is related to a particular promotional event to influence customers for a purchase.

One-offs- The communication related to a particular event such as a new purchase, or application of a tag.

The process is very simple – It all starts with the triggers.

  • Triggers- The triggers are those events that initiate the entry of a lead into your business’s Drip campaign. For example, if a user visits your page.
  • Conditions- As soon as the leads list gets created, engagement begins as the customer opens the email.
  • Actions- After waiting for one day, if the email is clicked, you can receive customer reviews or else send the email with a new subject line. The process moves a step forward and identifies it as a lead.

Drip Updates the responses of the lead

The Drip automation software not only improves engagement with the leads but also updates to the changes in the lead stages. The responses of the lead are defined in three forms such as hot, warm and cold. For example, if the lead clicks on the email, or views the products or the pricing page, it alters the lead stage from cold to warm. 

Get Performance reports

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Overall, the Drip software does all the lead management for a business and contributes greatly to the growth of the business. The software tool does not flood the inbox of the leads, rather it focuses to engage with the customers. The software goes beyond the level of sending promotional emails and creates a workflow to improve the relationship with the leads and converts it into customers.

Customized Email automation

The Drip software identifies the leads and multiple triggers to engage with customers. Basically, it identifies the data points and designs relevant emails to interact with customers.

Promotes Integration

The Drip software integrates with dozens of applications and platforms to improve the workflow of your business.

Screening of lists

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The Drip software removes those subscribers who are dormant. It keeps your list healthy and focuses on leading prospective customers. Drip is a wonderful tool that focuses on cost management. By eliminating the dormant subscribers, it maintains the quality of the list of subscribers and allows you to focus on active subscribers keeping your costs down.

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